promises kept

i read this last night on Jill McCloghry’s blog and wanted to post it here for all to read. her words beautifully capture my heart this morning. our God is Faithful. I think its something we know but have to remind ourselves of sometimes in the midst of life. whats revealed is the unstirred Christ. emmanuel. God with us. God for us.

 I found myself in Romans 4 today… reading about the Faith of Abraham. My spirit melted in the moment I read Romans 4:21 “He was FULLY convinced that God is able to do whatever He promises”. There’s a list to go on about the promises that Abraham believed God for… not to say that He didn’t struggle when He didn’t understand how God would come through on His word…and even make mistakes… but He was counted by God as righteous because of his faith. I think one thing I have struggled with in the last few years is knowing full well in my heart that God’s promises are sure and will stand against anything… but being caught in the gap of not understanding His timing and outworking – because its not my timing and I can’t see how He will do what He said he will do. (pretty sure if i knew all those things that would make me God and that is just as ridiculous as it sounds hah!) I found so much comfort in Abrahams story… He left a legacy of faith and He was FULLY convinced of God’s promises and the repercussions of that today are mind blowing. I am sitting in my living room on the couch, writing this, overwhelmed of God’s faithfulness to Abraham and what that means for me sitting here today… and overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness to me… even after a long journey… and what that will mean for maizey when she’s sitting on her couch, in her living room one day, thinking of the faithfulness of God.

I could post it a million times and the truth of His promise would never lose power:: He is faithful. His timing is ALWAYS perfect. He is close to the broken. He is close to the seeking…and He is after the deepest part of your heart. He will keep His promise.

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