the house you’re building {happy weekend}

I love this song ‘the house you’re building’ by audrey assad. its so beautiful and layered. couldn’t you hear it on a warm summer morning. you go out to the porch. the air is yet unmoved by the voices of the house tenants. and its an unspoken conversation between you and God. le sigh.

in other news…..i think its only fitting that the countdown for disney begin: 12 days (counting today)

Lets say it together folks: JESUS & MICKEY. CHAMPAGNE & CUPCAKES. SUN & FUN. reSORT collection. I’m already packed. yes you read it correctly. my stuff is already in the suitcase. to say i’m excited would probably be an understatement.

Looking forward to a glittery weekend:

  1. my dad’s side of the family is having a reunion. with a ball none the less. lol! i love us.
  2. goodbyes for now – bbq
  3. ++ church ++
  4. mani + pedi
  5. hair appointment
  6. watching ‘away we go’

photo via glitter guide tumblr & (

note: this was made for a room in the ace hotel – new york.

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