don’t back down

read this post from Posh Couture Blog called ‘Never hide’ and instead of making a summary of it, i’d rather just post it unedited. its that good.

One of the things that makes us most sad is seeing a woman that shrinks to fit her environment. The woman that, out of fear or lack or courage or security, is willing to hide her gifts away, sit in the background and let others make the decisions for her. What good does that do? Your gifts, talents and passions are for you, not for anyone else, and nothing positive happens when you put them on the back burner so that someone else can shine.

The POSH woman gains strength, confidence and courage with every piece of opposition, so today, we beg of you to get out from the background. If you have a talent, show it. If you want to be a leader, make a bold decision today. Do not let someone else rob you from your dreams because they’re willing to speak up louder. You are wonderful, passionate and exciting, charismatic and beautiful, and today is your day to let everyone around you know.

Today, tomorrow and always, never, ever hide yourself.

photo via glitter guide of charlotte rampling

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