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when only love could make a way//you gave your life in a beautiful exchange

“God is fitting you, brilliantly and perfectly…for what’s next”

“The most difficult of spiritual disciplines is waiting on God. The dream found Paul when the door was closed.”

“I want to move from inspired/fired up, to faithful, to fruitful”

“don’t despise the shaping winds”

“i’m going to transform your desert and make it your promise land”

“what is at risk if you are tranquilized? your husband, your wife, your children, your church?”

“honor what will be and stop nagging what isnt”

“women that are whole multiply;  women that are broken divide”

“the difference between wise and foolish women is what they choose to embrace and what they choose to let go of”

calling out your name//cause its only by your name//we are saved//we are saved

photo via glitter guide tumblr

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