change: the only constant in life

seasons change.

its a sad reality but after summer will come fall and after fall will come winter and spring and so on and so forth. I was talking to a friend yesterday about how life has changed. We don’t all hang out like we used to and it was really discouraging for her. I agreed yes things arent how they used to be but nothing about our lives is how it used to be and with the change comes change. we can either work with our new reality or constantly fight against it and get mad. i’d rather choose to spend my energy on working with it and making plans for us all to get together. there is no love lost just change. We’re not the same people we were 3 years ago. hell we’re not the same people we were 2 months ago. We have different obligations now, different passions and are moving/growing/changing by the grace of God. Our surroundings have changed, our perspectives have changed, our lives have changed. But the fact that we still care about each other hasnt. and in that we work to stay in contact. its a reality of growing older and life seasons changing.

maybe its just me but i’ve experienced change a lot especially the change from undergrad student to postgrad adult. you dont have all the free time you had before or the ability to just get up and go. but i’ve learned how to work with that. I have a really good friend in ATL who i swear i talk to every 6 months and that works for our lives and there is no love lost. but we do spend about 2-3 hours on those calls. what do you all think? how do you work to remain in contact witheachother as life only gets busier and paths change? how do you embrace change in your life? is it a hard transition? a lot of times it is.

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