PSA on dating

My dearest men, First I want to start with thank you. We love you, cherish you, need you, respect you and want you. But as a daughter, sister, one day-wife and mother, I think there are some things lost in translation and you should know about winning a woman’s heart.

  1. be consistant [don’t call and be attentive one day and then not the next. this brings confusion to a simple situation]
  2. be direct [you ask her out. plan ahead think of where and when and ask her for help filling in the details. i.e. if a movie you pick place and time and then ask her what movie she wants to see]
  3. we do fall in love with what we hear but the often overlooked part b of that is, its only solidifed with actions that confirm the words
  4. if you want her show her
  5. be attentive. when on an outting don’t look at your phone. ever.
  6. leave her alone until you know definitively you want to persue her and her alone
  7. be a gentleman always.
  8. be creative
  9. be confident and kind. [more than 75% of the time] if she’s out with you, it means she wants to be there and likes you
  10. take initiative. ask her out. call her. if she wants you she will respond.
  11. tell her. you like her or that you think she’s beautiful or that you miss her. communication is key to any relationship. but in pursuing a romantic relationship this is very reassuring.
  12. be you. you ‘ll know what to do. trust yourself. seek advice from men in successful relationships if you have any questions.

these are just my ideas based on so many conversations i’ve had with girlfriends. Trust me, if you’re confident and love us and are direct and respect us, more likely than not we’ll say yes. When you’re a man, it makes us want to be your woman and follow you.

photo via Rudiments de l’homme {basics of man}

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