i run to you {happy weekend}

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TGIF. is it just me or has it or has it not just been one of those weeks. just insane. SO much stuff is happening in everyone’s lives and in our nation and in our world. its challenging. distracting. disheartening. & yet there is an anchor for my soul, a hope i cling to and a strong tower i run to. le sigh.

but i read this and was so encouraged: lets have faith to claim a life that is in line with what God wants for you. don’t back down. don’t minimize what God has made large. embrace it and see your life radically shaken and stirred and transformed. SO good!

Looking forward to:

  1. hopefully getting my hair done
  2. seeing friends with benefits
  3. finally purchasing lioness arising
  4. +church+ 
  5. popsicles and brownies and ice cream + loving leah!
  6. cleaning my entire house – it looks like my clothes threw up everywhere. lord help! lol
  7. making a budget for all my dreams — “Make your dreams outrageous & goals realistic!” – diana kasevich
  8. find a template and make my buzz light year card for my assigned 1st grader for the  ‘one another’ backpack blessing drive

i need to make a list of things to do before the summer is over for real. includes wine tastings in the virgina country side. suggestions are welcome.

have a beautiful weekend loves!!

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