energy {happy weekend}

” we had forgotten, indeed, that to thank God is to look with new eyes on everything else.” – Patricia Raybon ‘I told the Mountain to Move’

i’m happy. mostly relieved. its finally over. the rain is here to wash away all the  deadness of this past season. i was looking around this morning and saw all the dead leaves and branches lying strewn about on the ground. It seems the rain is probably the only way those things would have been loosed. this is the season that you can’t look to any other time to compare it to. its the season of the unknown. the season of change. the season of redefining. the season of becoming. anything worthwhile is usually hard fought for right?! at least thats what i’m telling myself. lol

i feel like i’m getting tatted, metaphorically, with faith, hope and love. things that will remain as i grow.

Looking forward to:

  1. loving on the love of my life que toni braxton ‘i love me some him’
  2. ++church++
  3. creating a rainy season playlist
  4. girls night to celebrate BA’s bday!! YIPPEE
  5. practicing my darn piano and doing my gre review math hw…hooray for me! 

hope you all are safe and warm. surrounded by friends and a creative community of encouragers and truth tellers. go on a date with just you and God. listen and laugh and when necessary speak.  have a great weekend.

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