this past sunday was the 10th anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attack on nyc and washington, d.c.

I still remember exactly where I was that day. In my high school U.S. history class, go figure, watching history take place. and then eventually seeing some of my class mates pulled from class – those whose parents were gov reps. it was a surreal day. full of chaos and yet very still. time seemed to move very slowly that day. every word and breathe was measured carefully. school was closed early and we all ran home to watch MTV’s TRL cover the story from their time square perch. the glass covered in dust. camera angeling below to watch strangers holding each other and running with tears streaming down their faces. hearing stories of the heroism that lies in humanity in times of complete chaos. glued to our t.v.’s and telephones. with every face and story shared tears flowed… it somehow felt like every one of those stories and faces were one of your own. our lives individually and as a nation changed forever. 

rocco dispirito said it perfectly, “watching 9/11 families. emotional and poignant. Hope memorial reminds us how important it is to be kind, generous and dignified no matter what.”

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