the modern africa. cool and hot. beginnings.

DVF. in a class all her own. she’s an expression of the woman today. resilient. the ability to reinvent. beautiful in that all so true way.

I loved what Katherine Boyle wrote in the Express newspaper this morning, ” when DVF bowed and walked the runway to the jazz standard “feeling good”, she handed American flags to Valentino and Oscar De La Renta, and greeted them with tearful hugs. She looked relieved to see others who’ve outlived tragedy.  The trio competed for customers in the 1970s. They outlasted riotous nights in Studio 54, designing through wars, assassinations and, yes, terror attacks. All were born elsewhere: Belgium [DVF], Italy [Valentino], the Dominican Republic [ODLR]. But Sunday, they waved American flags to support a city that has given them so much. It was, without question, the most beautiful thing I saw all week.”


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