calling out your name {happy weekend}

“calling out your name

cause its only by your name

we are free. we are free

i wont be put to shame.

cause our hope is in the name of: JESUS” – calling out your name, Jon Owens

its the key to everything. such revelation in that one statement. believe his name is the key to everything. in his name and through his name and by his name….ahhh SO good!

looking forward to:

  1. KARI JOBE concert!!
  2. ++church++
  3. Stop Child Trafficking NOW walk – Alexandria, VA come out and walk to put an end to child slavery NOW! whats exciting is that CNN just launched a Freedom Campaign to help raise awareness. get involved. get educated. visit for more information.
  4. for king & country?? fingers crossed
  5. possible writing session
  6. Life Group Session # 2: WOOHOO!!

have a beautiful fall weekend!! If it gets cool enough i’ll pull out my orange/fur trimmed sweater..oo la la!

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