dear younger me,

dear younger me,

wow. there’s so much i could say but first i’d like to start by saying I love you. You were the best of me and the worst of me and you carried me securely to this place and for that I thank you. If I had the chance to tell you anything is that it gets better and worse. LOL. but you get stronger and more radiant and more humane. Someone once told me, trials can do 1 of 2 things to a person: make them bitter or better. They reveal whats within and whats without. You will encounter trails…and I’m glad to say that, though you were tempted and threw some grownup tantrums along the way, you chose the latter of the two. You got better. You will learn you’re stronger, braver , more  thoughtful, more faithful  than you thought was possible for you. Your heart gets bigger and with any enlarging there are growing pains but well worth the stretch marks. And there’s so much more to learn and to do and to see and I’m glad that I can take you , that bright eyed bushy tailed, naive, ingenue, with me.

and its always good to remember what ab would tell may moblie, “you is smart, you is kind, you is important”.


older mi

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