michelle williams

Michelle Williams is one of the most interesting actresses of our generation. Every character she plays with such real life ferver. She could easily be your best friend and yet still very much the movie star. I was watching her talk about her newest work ‘my week with marilyn’ where she plays marilyn monroe and listening to her was so captiviating. she is deeply in love with the art of acting and yet at times finds it hard to talk about something so deeply personal. like marilyn there is a brilliance, beauty and fragility right below the surface but different in that she is very certain of who she is and fiercely protects that truth. you can see that she’s fighting to maintain equilibrium in a world that can easily become fantastical. not to mention she is absolutely beautiful and picks some of the most beautifully crafted clothes. who is her stylist?

she’s definitely one of my favs!

p.s. this is dior. in some shots it looks white and in some it looks like a mint green. ahhh heaven. via justjared.

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