read between the lines

that phrase ‘read between the lines’ is normally an idom

Fig. to infer something (from something else); to try to understand what is meant by something that is not written explicitly or openly

and BET has chosen to use a play on that phrase to title their new family comedy ‘reed between the lines’ starring Malcolm Jamal Warner and Tracy Ellis Ross. There hasn’t been a show with this premise since the cosby show. now you may argue differently but honestly which show on t.v. has 2 african american lead actors who play husband and wife. love each other and have a dynamic engaging relationship both with each other and their kids?….i’ll wait. lol! both have doctorates and are working professionals [ he’s a professor and she’s a clinical pyschologist].

I hope this show stays on air and that it gets better writing and etc. so far the 2 episodes i saw were pretty funny.

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