fighting faith

this is a theme I have really felt for the past couple of weeks and days. I’ve been given the honor of knowing a few people’s stories intimately and it brought my own story some clarity and that clarity came in the form of a post by my good friend called ‘fighting faith’. I don’t know about you but when the storm hits your life. you lose a loved one. you lose your job. you lose a relationship. you have a sucky day. you’re in a job you don’t necessarily hate because hate is a strong word but you could care less about. its hard to rememeber that God is a warrior. sometimes, i know i do, with my lack of faith bring God down to my size. manageable. powerless. I passify him and bar him from areas of my life that hurt too much to let him into. I’m ashamed that it hurts and it hurts because i’m ashamed. lol! which is funny because he already knows everything and he’s the ONLY one who can heal it. he’s the ONLY one who can bring restoration and restitution. I need a BIG God. a God I can’t fit neatly into my little world. whose ways are higher than mine and whose thoughts are higher than mine. I need a God who can be closer than a brother and yet the universe fits safely in the palm of his hand. and THAT GOD is a WARRIOR. He can and He WILL fight for you. And most importantly he WINS. always. not sometimes. ALWAYS&FOREVER. I can trust him fully. I can put all of my weight and hope in him. its not enough to just be faithful, I must be faith filled and that means I must pick up my sword and fight. fighting faith:

But that prayer, it kindled something in me. My fire was reignited. I was reminded: I must fight for my faith. Not just my faith in God. No, I must fight for my faith in what God will do. Fight for my faith that He cares about the things that make me cry. Fight for my faith that He is able to turn stones into bread. Fight for my faith that He will give me the desires of my heart. Fight for my faith that He is fighting beside me. Fight for my faith that He has a future and a hope for me. A hope.

This type of faith, faith that makes it through the nights of weeping and pleading and days of smiling and pressing; this type of faith isn’t easily held. This type of faith comes through a fight. It is a battle to hold the faith that fights for the matters nearest to our hearts. It is a war, a war that the enemy of our soul wants to win to keep us just slightly less effective. It is a war, and we dare not lay down our weapon and walk away.

Join me. Think of the matters closest to your heart – the things that you cry about in the night, the things that you only dare ask those closest to you to pray for because you are so vulnerable there. Join me in fighting for the faith to keep hoping for those things – the salvation, the relationships, the marriages, the children, the dreams that make you say, “if i just received that desire of my heart…” Take a deep breath. Pick up your weapons. Take position – raise your hands, get on your knees, lay on your face, whatever is your posture of worship and prayer. Now.

It’s time to fight. – CRichards

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