awkward and awesome friday

so one of my fav blogs [] she does this really cute series called awkward and awesome thursdays. go look for it. its hilarious and so here’s my stab at awkward and awesome friday>>


  1. getting caught singing ‘love on top’ at the top of my lungs at 7am in the bathroom by the chief of my department….only to have her say my daughter loves that song. awkwardd…
  2. having this dude jiggle my batterie pack to make sure its secure….weird..hands a little too close to the inventory buddy. lol
  3. when you’re ordering a drink at the cafe and you leave your wallet at the register to grab a muffin and someone rolled up to the register and instead of moving when you say excuse me they just stand there and you have to squeeze your body in between them and the register….awkward
  4. as matie says, ” when you approach a desk or counter and the person working there does not speak or acknowledge you’re there.”…don’t do that! rude.


  1. getting to see train hottie. and he looked at me 3x this morning and when we locked eyes he gave me a head nod and everything…le sigh!
  2. listening to ‘loud music’ on repeat on my iphone 😉 and it was the perfect sound track to the morning. great moment.
  3. getting to the metro and its an empty metro car so everyone on the platform gets a seat.
  4. its FRIDAY
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