enchanted {happy weekend}

Recap of the week that was 11.[14-18].2011:

  • “one filled with joy preached without preaching.” – mother theresa {the quote on my work calendar]
  • absolutely obsessed with 3 songs: ‘great great God’ by gateway worship, ‘my everything’ by gateway worship & ‘enchanted’ by taylor swift
  • i’m absolutely certain some of these train cars weren’t meant for petite people
  • the soundtrack to a lot of my cheesy life moments always seems to involve taylor swift music. lol!

Next week is thanksgiving….:0 how did this happen? I have absolutely no clue! me and my sister are in charge of the thanksgiving meal…eek! guess who will be on foodnetwork.com all day tomorrow. this girl!

Looking forward to:

  1. +church+ life group last horrah
  2. hair appointment
  3. a little jewelry party
  4. sleep + cleaning up + reading = all around lalligaging
  5. lots of little projects
  6. creating a community of women who love + encourage+ create = being who we were made to be …starting with me

hope your weekend is wonderful and bundle up if you’re in the north east like me!! lots of love and kisses!! 🙂

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