train spotting

For all those who ride the bus and take the metro, you know about the lack of personal space or the silence rule for any bus ride before 9am. And you also know that mornings can make or break the rest of your day sometimes. its not an absolute but a good morning makes easing into the work day so much more smoother.  

 So many of you may not know about my crush on the metro aptly named ‘train hottie’. I never see him unless I’m running late. which makes the times I do see him that much more awesome! He’s 6’3 brown eyes soccer build goodness!  He gave me his seat one time on the train and subsequent head nods when i do see him.

but THIS morning, train hotttie sat next to me on the bus. It started off with “I really like your hat”! ahhhhhh and then we had such a great conversation about thanksgiving and kids (his not mine) and vacations and birthdays and holiday party season…don’t you just love talking to someone you found physically attractive at first and then they’re just a really good person. It makes them even more attractive. He was funny and a gentleman and personable.

OMG! such a good start to the weekend and such a great friday indeed!

here’s to guys who can hold a non weird conversation with a lady. You make her feel comfortable

p.s. so as i tried looking for fashion editorials of guys/people on trains (found only women and few) i stumbled upon this tumblr entitled ‘hot guys on the train” hahahahaha isnt that brilliant. she/he really takes real life pictures. the one above is of a guy on the f train in NYC. clearly i need to move there if this is what awaiting your morning commute.


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