25 days of christmas

I was inspired by Layers of Meaning Blog to create my own 25 days of christmas activities calendar

december 1 :: singing carols at the EN winter conference

december 2:

december 3&4: hair appointment //christmas play dance rehearsal // watching the ‘the heart of christmas’

december 5 christmas concert rehearsal

december 6 download some new christmas tunes

december 7

december 8

december 9 put up the christmas tree & decorate while listening to michael buble’s christmas album

december 10&11  // botanical gardens holiday display

december 12

december 13

december 14

december 15

december 16 GCC annual Christmas Play // Ma Anniversaire…I’m turning 26..who woulda thunk it?? huh

december 17&18  //hair appointment & photoshoot with reggie location: TBD //GCC annual Christmas Play//Danielle’s baby shower

december 19 GCC Christmas Concert [I’m singing in an Acapella Group. Come check us out]

december 20

december 21 mY BEAUTIFUL baby Sis arrives with joy and cheer!!

december 22

december 23 christmas shopping //baking cookies& homemade hot coco

december 24&25 CHRISTMAS EVE & DAY [3 christmas eve services at church & 2 christmas day services]

==this will be updated as more activities come to mind==

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