stuck like glue {happy weekend}

I swear this is what i used to look like in kindergarden LOL! I love kids because everything is so magically and full of wonder. Yesterday at rehearsal we were talking about how mean everyone is this time of the year. you would think that people would be nicer and in most cases they are but I think everyone is stressed out with trying to put on this spectacular christmas. that sometimes we forget that OUR superhero- He was born in a manger. surrounded by animals and only his parents the main audience. it was the most awe inspiring and joyous moment our world has ever known. now don’t get me wrong I love me some glitz and glamour and the star in the heavens was pretty spectacular but sometimes the most spectacular moments begin with simplicity. and I’m freshly reminded that I need to get back to this place where everything was new and everything was the most awesome thing ever. child like wonder. child like faith. lets get back there and remember this season. shall we?!

Looking forward to:

  1. meeting this beautiful baby boy named Aiden in person
  2. saturday lollygagging around
  3. shopping and crafting
  4. Panera brainstorming
  5. +church+

p.s. you’ve GOT to listen to pentatonix’s version of ‘stuck like glue’! so good!

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