underneath it all {happy weekend}

You’re really lovely underneath it all[…] I’m really lucky underneath it all” – No doubt

If you lean into the punch and hold onto the hand of GOD, you come out on the other side: knowing from experience that God is faithful, that’s He’s good and you’re a little stronger and stand a little taller [some glitterati heels don’t hurt either]. You’re a little more faithful and faith filled. The stretch marks make you even more beautiful.

as my little sister, “SAY IT LOUD! I’M 26 and i’m proud!!” hahahah

Looking forward:

  1. ++church++
  2. getting my hair done
  3. photoshoot action
  4. Oyamel + Melting Pot
  5. general fun & laughter

Have a beautiful winter weekend yall!! If you’re not doing anything you should definitely go see the christmas play at Grace Cov.org! I saw a little of it and its absolutely hilarious!

photo by glitter guide tumblr


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