the makings of a festive christmas

photo via The Coterie

There are so many things that make christmas festive:

  1. a funky fun christmas tree [ we have reindeer&heart ornaments our tree]
  2. lights on the outside of the house
  3. a festive tablescape [table decorations including plates and etc]
  4. wrapping paper
  5. playlists [find mine below]
  6. food [we’re eating YUMMY! and guess who is going to make it…me]

tOday lets focus on the christmas wrapping paper shall we?!

a good way many people make the tree look festive is with their cool wrapping techniques. and this year i’ve been looking for cool wrapping paper and ideas and I LOVE this one above. maybe get some paper bags from the grocery store or brown wrapping paper and get some beautiful ribbon with your favorite motif. I happen to love pokla dots so this right up my alley and then get another smaller in width ribbon – here they use red but you could use any other color combo. LOVE!


a. brown wrapping paper [or paper bags from grocery store]

b. 2 sets of ribbon in different width sizes and patterns

p.s. and the gift tags are just so cute! (I’ll be giving a little snapshot of the festivites around my house friday.)


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