christmas wishlist

is it just me or as you get older the less and less you want and the more you’d rather give. maybe its that everything we could want we can buy ourselves. either way, here are my random requests[from the attainable to the mildly out of reach]…which more likely than not i’ll get for myself. lol!

  1. white comforter set [I’ve been eyeing this beautiful one from anthropology]
  2. nook or kindle
  3. semi perminent eyelashes [lash extensions they’re also commonly referred to. wake up and not need one stitch of mascara…heaven]
  4. a new heather gray or black winter coat
  5. flowerbomb or trish mcavoy #9
  6. mani&pedi
  7. HONESTY Jewelry:  Turquoise Marbled Beads w/ Silver Cross Charm + White & Grey Marbled Beads w/ Gold Crown Charm
  8. a cool new iphone case [there’s a leopard print one from kate spade]
  9. victoria secret forever lotion
  10. personalized stationary
  11. a massage
  12. The Bossi Bag from THEIT
  13. CUSTOM name stamp from Oh my deer handmades
  14. 2012 calendar by Paper Fashion Shop
  15. STYLIT by Bjones

the ultimate DREAM gift:

  1. Volkswagen Tiguan in navy blue with tan interior with a big red bow on top [#BAM this is not happening anytime soon womp womp]
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