holiday travel

If any of you are like me, you tend to overpack. I’m really trying to not do that this year and carry what is absolutely necessary while still preparing for spontaneity. Here are a few tips that were helpful in trying to pack:

  1. More Tops, Less Bottoms
  2. Pack Outfits With Interchangeable Pieces
  3. Roll vs fold
  4. Bags within bags
  5. plan/pack before hand
  6. travel size toiletries

what to bring [purse/carryon bag]:

  •  neck pillow;
  • SCARF;
  • water;
  • magazines;
  • ipod or phone,
  • mints/gum,
  • eye mask/face moisturizer
I found this really GREAT travel check list [simple and thorough] from the project girl. check it out here.
[photo collage by sourcat on Polyvore; photo of blake lively from]
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