2011 taught me {recap}

i was inspired by Aaron Lindsey to do my own 2011 recap but first lets start with a few of his tweets that i really liked:

  1. the miracle isnt that my enemies were destroyed but that i wasnt destroyed with them
  2. that strife is WACK
  3. that pain is a part of it. take up that cross
  4. that my heart will lie to me sometimes and convince my brain to believe it
  5. not to be afraid to say what you know
  6. that every blessing doesn’t come wrapped in my favorite package
  7. that personal choices aren’t necessarily private choices. others are impacted
  8. that no matter how strong i talk in black and white, i have to live it out in full color hi Def!
  9. that tears arent an embarassment but they are an astringent to my heart
  10. to not expect people to read my mind. but when they do its pretty friggin awesome
  11. to be comfortable with being different
  12. that its not over until i tap out
  13. that life is a series of wisdoms taught by God. If i embrace each lesson I become more wise
  14. that God  is in charge and we are not
  15. that love is about giving
  16. the road to greatness is filled with inconveniences
  17. to nurture the relationships God has blessed me with
  • God is close to the broken hearted;
  • listen to the holy spirit the first time;
  • ask for what you want;
  • don’t back down from what you know to be true..STAND;
  • forgiveness is more about you than them;
  • God never forgets and he will bring peace and resolution to those trying/tiring/broken things;
  • sometimes effective communication means learning to communicate in someone else’s style;
  • if the heart behind your words is truth in love, it will come out as such and like wise if it is anger/bitterness etc., it will come out as such;
  • think before you speak- be slow to speak and quick to listen;
  • everyone is entitled to their opinion not yours;
  • SHINE;
  • risk more than you think is practical;
  • sowing and reaping is REAL;
  • sometimes you just have to do stuff alone if it will ever get done;
  • heartbreak teaches you a lot about compassion and the unfailing love of God;
  •  relationships teach you more about yourself than the other people;
  • sometimes you just have to do it even if you dont feel like it;
  • persistence and perseverance pay off;
  • vulnerability is NOT weakness, it actually serves to open eyes and doors;
  • when you altar your life, God will alter your plans and it will be bigger and better than you ever imagined [he fulfills EVER childhood dream];
  • God loves us NOT because we are loveable but because he is love – c.s. lewis;
  • good friends aren’t found they are worked for;
  • be kind and gracious even if it kills you;
  • give yourself room to be….well YOU;
  • renew your mind daily;
  • you have to take time for yourself NO ONE will give it to you;
  • cultivating your own personal relationship/worship time will CHANGE your life and attitude;
  • a challenge will end up being your friend in the end;
  • every year you can choose to be a little bit closer to who God created/is creating you to be or further away..choose wisely;
  • ask for help;
  • don’t internalize stress;
  • fear is a theif. no ifs ands or buts about it. it steals the potential and life of many but God came to give life and life more abundantly. choose;
  • i choose God above myself;
  • God is a way maker;
  • GOD is bigger and GREATER don’t limit him to your expectation, faith or imagination
  • i really really like dressing up [ being a girly girl/sunbeam is my fave]
  • sometimes you have to reach out beyond yourself
  • sometimes doing what you have to may require you to do it alone
  • God does NOT promise or awaken to not fulfill

i did so many things i never thought i would: 1. disney world 2. lead worship 3. went to the nkotbsb concert 4. rihanna concert 5. got asked out by the sexiest boy in the uhrea 6. photoshoot 7. tried & bombed 8. danced as a part of a troupe for a new years eve party 9. staycation old town alexandria 10. cocosala 11. KARI JOBE 12. iphone & mac book pro 13. nikon 14. box seats at redskin game 15. growing my hair out natural 16. martin luther king memorial and more that i can’t remember right lol

photo from weheartit.com

One thought on “2011 taught me {recap}

  1. There is so much encouraging and inspirational Truth in this.

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