this is the goal

I LOVE her hair! love! when everything in me wants to chop my hair off…this reminds me of the goal at hand!

and here is how to get there: {thanks to heather lindsey}

1.  Heutiful Hair Steamer! & for only $125 >>

2. AMAZING Natural Hair Mask! { I had to stop drinking coffee because it dries my hair out so bad! 😦 and so does winter and stress…its just a problem. so i’ve been looking into awesome deep conditioning treatments [both store bought and home made]. when i stumbled upon this by Heather Lindsey {} and I am SO excited to try it this weekend:

Ingrediants&instructions : Add 1 Avocado, a cup of water, some raw honey, olive oil, 1/2 a banana, an egg some of your current conditioner. (The more riper the banana/avocado, the better!). Leave it on for 20 minutes with a plastic cap, then rise!! I left mine on for about an hour and I was SHOCKED at how soft & shiny my hair was!
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