picture this {Happy Weekend}

I love everything about this picture: love the camera. love the henna on her hands. I just got a nikon [older model still uses batteries] camera and hopefully will be learning how to use it more affectively.

we are in the very beginnings of a corporate fast at my church and being a music head i’ve been playing a couple of songs repeatedly these past 3 days and wanted to share:

  • love came down by bethel worship
  • great great God by gateway worship
  • God I look to you by Jenn Johnson
  • how he loves us [kari jobe’s version] by bethel worship/kim walker
  • you are for me by kari jobe
  • maker of miracles by warr acres
  • in christ alone [Natalie Grants version]
  • alpha and omega by israel hougton

Looking forward to:

  1. worship + church
  2. baby shower
  3. getting back into the rhythm [mani+pedi]
  4. reading the circle maker /finishing ‘one in a million’
  5. general lollygagging + trying out some cool vegan recipes

hope you all are doing beautifully and the year has started off with high hopes and plans for big things this year! happy weekend! 🙂

photo: weheartit.com

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