have you ever been wrapped up in a hurricane or earth quake where every thing around you and even yourself get a little bananas? no? just me. well ok…for a little bit i got caught up (by no fault of my own…thank you well wishers) in the little disease i’d like to call gotta-get-a-man-oh-dear-god-a-man-hysteria.

let me tell you what this disease does to naive, simple, beautiful women:

  1. we turn from God and to our own devices
  2. we talk to everyone and the dog first and pray last or when our first plan failed for the 50th time
  3. we try to convince ourselves that something is right when its terribly wrong
  4. we settle or do the exact opposite abandon all hope

I’m writing this to myself and any one else out there that may need to hear this, YOU ARE LOVED. YOU ARE WANTED. PROVEN WITH THE SCARS ON HIS HANDS AND THE PIERCED SIDE. LISTEN AND OBEY AND WAIT. IT WONT BE IN VAIN. SOMETIMES THE STORM RAGES AROUND US WHILE GOD CALMS THE STORM IN US. CHARACTER IS ESSENTIAL. TRUST ESSENTIAL. GOD IS ALWAYS GOOD AND HIS PROMISES NEVER FAIL. BELIEVE THAT. I read this quote from Shop Posh’s twitter and I think its appropriate to remember as well and it said “ keep your heels, head and STANDARDS high“. You know what he promised and though it may look dry and dreary sometimes and you question aloud “why” and “when”,  keep that at the forefront of your mind as you run the race set out for you. he is your shield and rampart. your very present help. your very great reward. your portion and you’re not alone. ever.  

I do believe in happily ever afters and prince charmings and not just beautiful weddings but redeeming, transforming, awe-inspiring marriages. i do believe there is a right time and a right way. i do because of HIM. “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised IS faithful.”[Hebrews 10:23] & “Its in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, he had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living.”[Ephesians 1:11]

and as a recovering “gotta-get-a-man-oh-dear-god-a-man-hysteria”, I can say to you with full assurance, find your fill in HIM. He is a healer, redeemer, way maker, lover, friend, confidante. and as Jill McCloughry says, ” love that first created. love that is creating. first and last. beginning and end. for HIS love is keeping me alive and well.”

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