revisited: in the air tonight

I was watching Beth Moore’s live stream today and something she brought up was her journals and journalling and being able to look back on some of them as times in her life to see what she prayed for and about and how faithful God was. likewise I found this old blog entry of mine and wanted to share  there is a change that can be made every day not just every new year{full circle it seems} :

One of my favorite songs is ‘Air Tonight’ by Phil Collins just because of its simplicity and yet awesome musicality. Anywho, lets talk about how Fall or Autmn is quickly approaching and knocking at our door waiting for summer to have its going away party. But you can surely feel Autumn coming in the air and I’m excited. I’m a winter baby but have never particularly enjoyed the winter or the autumn but as i’ve gotten older, i have found a new love of autumn.
Its not only the colors and the wardrobe change but its as if with the changing of the seasons naturally, there comes a changing or transitioning spiritually/emotionally as well.

I can feel CHANGE (so cliche now) coming in the air tonight. The change from one season of life to another. the change from being an feeling like an inbetweener (not a child and not quite an adult) to a feeling like a legitimate young adult (thank you Lord, I have survived the first year out of college!). I’m excited about accepting the challenge that change brings and not accepting it is futile because as the old adage goes the only constant thing in life is change. To be totally honest, I’m excited about the transition/change from being apathetic and complacent to being active and content (blog coming soon about that new revelation).

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