reign {happy weekend}

we exalt your name, high above the heavens. we exalt your name, all of creation sings praise. for Jesus reigns” I heard this great sermon about the women accused of adultery and how Jesus got down to write in the sand maybe to write out the sins of those condemning her but definitely to lock eyes with her and show her that no matter how messy or how far you think you’ve fallen i will get into your mess/into you dirt and I [Jesus] can redeem. isn’t that so encouraging! he loves us so much that he will come into our mess and redeem us and call/cause us not to sin again! I love him for so many reasons but especially for that!! I’m always challenged to give the same grace that i received but this story reminds me of his great love.  anywho…those lyrics were from ‘we exalt your name’ by kari jobe! can’t wait for Kari’s new album to come out! inst it so good! I’m such a sucker for good lyrics.

Looking forward to:

  1. lucky strike!!! wooohooo
  2. church ++ worship
  3. buying so many books and albums
  4. mani//pedi
  5. General Errands//meal planning [using my new app] // hopefully perusing a sale or 2 and purchasing some closed toe shoes

Have an amazing weekend ladies and gentlemen!!

photo via glitter guide tumblr

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