internal beauty and charm {bits of wisdom}

This is from Posh Black Book and I absolutely LOVE it! :

To go forward into the New Year, we must not only be fabulous on the outside but also be complete on the inside.  It is only then that we are truly Posh!

This is my recipe for internal beauty and charm ~

2 cups of Joy
4 tsp Laughter
1/2 cups Peace
4 cups Love
1 cup Health
1/2 cup Compassion
3 tsp Vision
2 cups Truth
1 Sprig of Wisdom
1 medium-size bag of Generosity (the regular kind won’t do!)

Pre-heat your oven to kindness. Mix in faithfulness, patience, Self-control and passion until consistent. Use the mixture to fill a large, warm heart, where it can be stored for a lifetime. (It never goes bad!)

{read more here:} also inspired by the ‘a christmas poem – recipe for christmas joy’

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