the circle maker

I just finished the most inspiring and best book i have read on prayer to date!! You may have heard about it. Its called ‘The Circle Maker: Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears’ by Mark Batterson. The Senior Pastor of National Community Church in Washington, D.C. Talk about a guy and a church that dreams big dreams and prays big prayers and prays through. Like the israelites did as they marched around jericho. Some big things I take away from this book is 1. God is not intimidated by your giant prayers. He welcomes them. 2. the more you pray the more your prayers are refined 3. God is for you. If you prayed with that mindset, it might inspire you to pray longer and harder 4. prayer is not a sprint but a marathon. we have to learn how to pray through. don’t quit or give up. think about if the israelites would have quit on day 6 of marching around Jericho or if daniel stopped praying on day 20. The Israelites wouldnt have been able to witness the mindblowing miracle of the wall falling in Jericho and Daniel would not have had the angelic encounter. I can’t even begin to explain all of the nuggets and truths i learned from this but i will leave you with this quote from the book. This is a story about Rodney “Gypsy” Smith 1860-1947 British evangelist.

“Gypsy’s secret was revealed to a delegation of revival seekers, who asked him how God could use them, just as he was using Gypsy. Without hesitation, Gypsy said, “Go home. Lock yourself in your room. Kneel down in the middle of the floor, and with a piece of chalk draw a circle around yourself. There, on your knees, pray fervently and brokenly that God would start a revival within that chalk circle.”

Isn’t that amazing! and then Mark Batterson goes on to say about the book, ” May it inspire you and remind you to draw a prayer circle. That is where every great movement of God begins. MAY IT BEGIN WITH YOU, IN YOU.”

pick up a copy for yourself and be inspired again to start [and not stop] praying for your greatest dreams and praying for your family and friends and see miracles happen.

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