forever & always {happy weekend}

“forever and always the same. you never change. you stay the same. your love remains…faithful!” – yahweh by Desperation Band feat. Kari Jobe

I love that song!! it always reminds me of God’s great love for us and unchanging unrelenting love! anywho…is it just me or has this week been the fastest week known to man? i feel like it was just tuesday, though i’m not complaining i heart the weekends.

Looking forward to:

  1. TEEN Sunday at church! its going to be amazing! they are so great!!
  2. game night!! woohooo [shhhh i don’t know how to play spades ]
  3. leaders fiesta
  4. hair appointment
  5. DB’s 25th birthday dinner <<a la bourbon steak

Have a beautiful weekend!! Do one thing a week or weekend that you’ve never done before or makes you happy. someone tweeted a quote by drew barrymore that says, ” you have to choose to be happy and fight for it”! SO true! fight for Joy this weekend! LETS GO!! 🙂

photo via queen in training tumblr  & my new mantra

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