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Happy Leap Year day

I had to mark this day. can you believe once every 4years. this year really is something special! 😉

tuesday tunes

we all know about my obsession with finding cool covers and here is Ben Rector’s cover of whitney houston’s “I wanna dance with somebody”

Don’t be Afraid

by Max Lucado

“Overhearing what they said, Jesus told him, ‘Don’t be afraid; just believe.’ Mark 5:36”

Sometimes what we need is just a word of encouragement, isn’t it?

And God gives a word—to the overwhelmed.  To the downcast.  To us.  He urges, “Don’t’ be afraid; just believe.”

Believe that He can.  Believe that He cares.  Believe that He comes.

Mark it down.  You will never go where God is not.  You may be transferred, enlisted, commissioned, re-assigned, or hospitalized….But brand this truth on your heart—Jesus promised, “I am with you always.”  Don’t be afraid, just believe!

Make your fear a visitor and not a resident.  Hasn’t fear taken enough?  Enough smiles?  Enough restful nights?  Enough exuberant days?

Make it a day changer to meet your fears with faith.  Choose to make every day—a great day!

Oscars Recap

here are my fashion favorites from the 84th annual Oscars.

michelle williams >> in a gorgeous coral Louis Vuitton gown

Jennifer Lopez >> giving me the best ’70s look ever! can you believe that she had twins…….wow! in a custom Zuhair Murad

Milla Jovovich >> looks so 20s glamourous in a custom Elie Saab’s number

oscar predictions [who i think SHOULD win]:

Best Supporting Actress – octavia spencer [she won]

Best Supporting Actor – Nick Nolte [christopher plummer won]

Best Actress – Viola Davis [meryl streep won]

Best Actor – Brad Pitt [jean du jardin won]

Best Picture – The Artist [they won]

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