i heart the weekends

here’s my life and all my heart

i give all, Lord every part – Stars in the Sky by Kari Jobe

I’ve played this song for a week now lol! thats how i exhaust songs that i like! i will play them continuously for a week or a month until i get tired. Case in point, i played the maxwell cd ‘blacksummer’snight’ the entire summer it came out. lol! every day for 2 weeks and once a week after that. anywho…my friday theme songs are : stars in the sky and without you by david guetta feat. usher

Looking forward to:

  1. surprise dinner party/going away gathering
  2. Mocktails with the ladies
  3. church!!
  4. mani & pedi
  5. starting well more like actually finishing my third book, Outliers, in 2 months…whaaat??who is this girl hahaha [p.s. who has read ‘hunger games’ i so want to read them. i’ve heard GREAT things]

I hope you have a beautiful weekend! Do at least one thing fun and different even if thats painting your nails a different color than usual. do it! 

i leave you with this twitter quote: “Imagine that…knowing God’s will, then doing it without reservation. That’s a woman walking justly, mercifully, humbly with her God.”  

photo via glitter guide

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