i heart the weekends

“all consuming fire, you’re my one desire. it’s you…God it’s you. it’s you…ONLY you”- kari Jobe this song ‘one desire’ has been stuck in my head all week. if you have the chance check out her album ‘where i find you’, its really good! promise!

As you noticed i changed the title of my friday wrap up posts to “i heart the weekends” for 2 reasons 1. as a corporate america worker bee..i live for the weekends! and 2. it was getting hard to come up with clever titles from my fave songs lol 😉 Either way have an amazing weekend! spend some time catching up on things you absolutely love doing or something refreshing!

Looking forward to:

  1. hair appointment
  2. coaching vocalists..woohooo
  3. lunching & babysitting
  5. seeing “the vow”…YES! I’m going to see that cheesy goodness

photo:  wit + delight tumblr

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