PSA : how to ask a girl out

So this topic has arisen in the last couple of days and weeks. I’ve heard numerous stories of confusion and frustration from both guys and girls. and upon reviewing every scenario, there are some things that need to be addressed and  here is my humble advice.

How to ask a girl out? [ this is for my fellas]

I know something really sensitive for a man is the area of rejection in the relational/romance realm. And i know it seems like this looming mountain that can’t be scaled but its like everything else in life, your want, to date this girl or express your feelings to her, has to exceed the fear. And just so you know the fear will never really go away but you have to push through it. Be clear about your intentions, if its a date say so. if its just an outing as friends say that as well. You will do yourself and the girl a disservice by not being clear.

Here’s what to say if you want to ask her out? repeat after me…

Hey __________. This is __________[state your name]. How are you? I was wondering if you’d like to go out on a date with me to_________[state the activity] on ________[date].

Wait for a response. If she is a human being she will respond with 1 of 3 responses: [this is for my ladies]

  1. I’d love to! what time?
  2. I’d love to but I’m busy this day can we reschedule
  3. or she will say I’m sorry I think you’re a great guy but I’m not interested in you romantically!

And same thing goes for expressing that you like a girl. Be as clear and heartfelt as possible. This conversation needs to happen either face to face or on the phone. Text messaging is kind of like an insult and will get you NO WHERE with the girl. You can say, “Hey _______. May I talk to you privately. I really like you and wanted to know if you would go on a date with me.”

Yea its nerve wrecking and you’re putting yourself WAY out there but you leave no room for misunderstanding and you can get a clear response from the girl.

Also, if she says no. its not the end of the world. yes your pride is hurt but don’t stay down for too long. Get up and ask another girl out. Trust me the one for you is out there. And she will be so happy because you’ve practiced speaking up and pursuing.

until next time my friends, Management signing out!

please review these other helpful resources:

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