whitney: a tribute


Saturday evening the world lost a star. Whitney Houston one of the greatest vocalist ever. It was even more tragic as she was to attend the music industry’s biggest nights except the industry spent the evening mourning and honoring her legacy. with less than 24 hrs to prepare a distraught Jennifer Hudson gave a heartfelt rendition of ‘I will always Love you’. It was simple and powerful and every bit as beautiful as Whitney would have loved. Lots of people thought it wasn’t good. I cried my eyes out and I may be biased because i love Jennifer Hudson and Whitney and think it was a perfect match up. No one else could have done that song without completely falling apart and or do Whitney justice except Jennifer Hudson or Kim Burrell or maybe Monica. some said Adele should have sung it….are you guys kidding me? no. Jennifer Hudson has a Jesus’ power in her voice, the same quality that made Whitney’s so special in many ways. Yea there was shaky parts but…! so kudos to you JHUD!

The only way to honor her legacy is by talking about the beautiful music she gave us:

  1. I will always Love you
  2. The Greatest Love of all
  3. Saving all my love for you
  4. How will I know
  5. I wanna dance with somebody
  6. Didn’t we almost have it all
  7. I’m your baby tonight
  8. The Star Spangled Banner
  9. I have nothing
  10. I run to you
  11. My Love is your love
  12. I look to you
  13. Exhale
  14. I believe in you and me
  15. When you believe [prince of egypt soundtrack]
  16. I’m Every Woman
  17. Count on me
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