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Empire State of Mind

The last time i saw devastation like the ones pictured of some parts of NYC…I was volunteering with the clean up of Hurricane Katrina in the lower ninth ward. Devastation like that can not be put into words. Or fully encompassed by a photo. To be there is to experience true and utter loss. the silence is deafening. heartbreak palpable. And yet in the midst as hands covered in gloves and holding hammers and each other; removing rubble from homes…hope was rising. Humanity was joining together, all was not lost. my heart and prayers go out to all those affected in New York and New Jersey.

Battered but not beaten. Without Power but not powerless. We stand strong. We stand together. We will persevere. – Cory Booker

mental health days

we on the east coast have been ravaged by wind and rain for the last 2 and a half days as Hurricane Sandy made her way through. schools have been closed, public transportation shut down, offices closed and grocery stores cleared out.

But as I almost went stir crazy yesterday trying to figure out what to do with myself as I have not had a moment let alone a whole day to do nothing – no work and no church- for the past 5 months…i found myself in a weird place. What do I do with myself? Watch movies. check. paint nails. check. clean room. check. make breakfast/lunch/dinner. check. pintrest. check. twitter. check. blog. check. sleep. check. what else?

maybe just maybe this was a God given moment to help you recalibrate. maybe some checks and balances have gotten out of wack and you need some time where all you have to do is allow God to recalibrate your mind, heart, soul and energy.

There is a line from the book i’m reading called ‘Having a Mary Heart in a Martha world’ and it says, “after all, its not more hula-hoops i need to master. what i really need is more and more of the Master himself.” recalibrating means having some time to allow the master to take hold in an uninterrupted manner in which he can touch those places and bring revelation, refreshment, repentance and wholeness. What are some ways you use those uninterrupted moments or days? do you read? exercise? make dinner with your family? its oh SO necessary to our livelihoods.

love this article by Jerrell Renee on ‘Me Time’

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{tuesday tunes}

found this gem on Dianna Agron’s tumblr and was so struck by how beautiful of a rendition. and it doesn’t even feel accurate to call it a cover or even a rendition. its like she took the song and rewrote it with her voice and arrangement.

Song: Mamma Mia

Artist: Jasmine Kennedy

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The Year of the Lady

one of my friends had a birthday dinner the other evening and one of her requirements was to ‘BRING IT’ which in lay man’s terms mean ‘Get and Be Glamourous/fabulous’! And for the first time in a while i was stuck with what to wear. I no longer have any overly glamourous/purely fun clothing reserved for going out. Most of my clothes serve a duel purpose church/work & casual/weekend. I could probably take some of my work/church outfits and update them but I also want to start shopping for fun/glamourous/”bring it” pieces to incorporate in my wardrobe as well.

so I have scoured online shopping sites and found some fun clothing items to purchase all items under $100 and in most cases under $50 that could be easily incorporated to spice up my wardrobe [fall/winter 2012 edition]:

  1. Asos Peplum frill Jumpsuit $87.95
  2. Asos shift dress with draped sleeves $70.36
  3. Asos Africa dress with peplum and floral print $87.95

  1. Zara Skinny Trousers with side zips $79.90
  2. Zara Faux Leather Jeggings $79.90

  1. Dorothy Perkins: Cream Paris Print Shirt $49.00
  2. Dorothy Perkins: Black studded peplum top $49.00
  3. Dorothy Perkins: Brown Leopard Waistcoat $29.00
  4. Dorothy Perkins: Blue Peplum Jersey Top $39.00

Have you found yourself in a similar predicament? How have you resolved it?

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