Begin Again

I’m not ashamed to say that I listen to taylor swift. unfortunately she seems to write the things our inner girl says or wants to say. and this song is no different but even better. I think songs are to put words and music to moments, thoughts, feelings in our lives. they can make us excited, bring us hope, comfort us in misery lol and put words to the indescribable.

I happen to be a BIG fan of words. Its part of my love language. but i love these words begin and again and i love them together: begin again. take a moment to think about that phrase ‘begin again’ doesn’t it just connote new beginning, refreshing, renewing? anywho…

This new song by taylor swift called ‘begin again’ is so beautiful

chorus lyrics:

you throw your head back laughing like a little kid

i think its strange that you think i’m funny

cause he never did

i’ve been spending the last 8 months

thinking all love ever does is

break, burn and end

but on wednesday, in a cafe, a watched it begin again

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