remember when we drew lines
lines in the sand
playing games of hop scotch and traffic light
games of us versus them
cowboys and Indians
cops and robbers
childhood games that continued long after we outgrew
the school house yard
games of us versus them
those same lines left in the sand
became lines in our hearts
lines that divide you and me
lines of demarcation
lines left up to interpretation
lines of discrimination
lines became walls
line by line
brick by brick
we’ve built barriers calling it boundaries
to keep you out
to keep me in
to keep it “safe”
And oh, the sense of my own self entitlement*
To say who’s wrong or won’t belong or cannot stay*
‘Cause somebody somewhere decided We’d be better off divided*
And somehow despite the damage done He says, “Come”*
This is the heart of the one*
who opened every door and destroyed every wall and barrier
at the cross
where true love was demonstrated
THE love that knows no boundaries**
it respects no walls**
it can not be limited by our bias or bitterness**
the ridiculous love of God which was poured out to us when we were wretches**
its that love
demonstrated on the cross that stands at the threshold
and says
lay your burdens down
lay your weapons down
lay your wounds and hurts down
open wide oh you gates
come down from your fortresses and high horses

where have I built walls where boundaries were necessary.
where have i shut people out preemptively due to previous hurt
where have i shut myself out due to misplaced walls of misunderstanding and lack of compassion
where have I been blind to those who needed HIM in me
where have i been selfish, bitter, prideful and ignorant and allowed that to separate you and me?


  1. walk on water – Christa black  http://grooveshark.com/#!/search/song?q=Christa+Black+Walk+On+Water
  2. **Reconciliation [Church: Before & After] -Grace Covenant Church  http://www.gracecov.org/media/reconciliation/
  3. *lyrics taken directly from: NICHOLE NORDEMAN – PLEASE COME LYRICS

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