re: the time that i ruined my own….

i read this beautiful blog note on ‘A Lover’s Anthology’ entitled ‘The time that I ruined my own wedding’ and it got me thinking. I’m not a bride or a bride to be but how can I take the universal lessons that can be found in her story and apply it to my life now and save it for later.

Lesson: what would it look like to soak in or really seek to find the treasures in every season no matter how perfect or imperfect it is?

What if we were made for such a time as this? What if we stopped, as Darlene Zschech exhorted to us, wishing our present away. And really believe that the boundary lines of now have fallen to me in pleasant places?

What if we asked the lord, “what is the treasure you have for me here and how can i celebrate that? and what trees of distraction or comparison should I cut down that are preventing me from actually seeing it?”

I really believe that sometimes we can get, i know i have, so down on ourselves about where you should be or shouldn’t be or should and shouldn’t be doing and in part that can be productive and true in the instance that we need to be proactive about making a real change if we need it

but I truly think we forget to see
1. how FAR we’ve come and 2. what good is happening now and here?
its hard….like for real life is a deep struggle…and yeah you get sad and discouraged because you imagined things to be different…..but what is beautiful about now? There has to be something. Because if God’s word is always true, and he cannot lie and he is working things out for my good, and he extends his grace, and I am walking in favor….then I can’t be walking around bitter all the time about what I didn’t get that I thought I wanted.…I can have my moments (cause let’s be real moments will come) but then I snap out of that nonsense and rejoice again’ – BA

what do you think? and how can we find joy in our now and not be consumed so easily by false expectations or comparison. what are some ways you and I can hold in tension celebrating where we are now with our ambition and hope for growth?

photo via kate spade and glitter guide tumblr

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