I was neither a fan nor naysayer of the ABC show Scandal until this weekend. and now…I am obsessed. This show is utterly brilliant. From the writing to the acting to the directing. Every element is well placed, well paced and executed brilliantly. Its set in the high stakes worlds of politics and sports and entertainment in Washington, DC. In which Olivia Pope is a prime player as a crisis manager for some of the districts highest profiles.

1. watching kerry washington play a beautiful, brilliant, strong, complicated, conflicted African-American woman on prime time television has been amazing. It makes me so proud. And more than just that she is African-American but that as Kerry Washington says herself ” she carries a balance of strength and femininity” that is often rarely portrayed with such delicacy and excellence.

2. the story lines are complex and brilliant and thought provoking. You’re pushed in each episode to deal with the grey area in very hot button issues and yet you’re pulled along for the proverbial entertainment ride.

3. the characters: I am obsessed with the relationships between The President of the United States Fitzgerald Grant (played by Tony Goldwyn) and Olivia Pope ‘Crisis Manager’ extraordinaire (played by Kerry Washington). And likewise the relationship of said POTUS and the FLOTUS Millie Grant (played by Bellamy Young). Its intense and the acting is A+ and that’s what makes it brilliant to watch! The palpable love and hate and angst, and desire and passion and strength.

All that to say, I would strongly suggest watching Scandal and I dare you to walk away without becoming a fan and adding it to your must watch fall t.v. line up or at least admiring the work you see.

Cast: Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Bellamy Young, Jeff Perry, Joshua Malina, Columbus Short, Katie Lowes, Guillermo Diaz and Darby Stanchfield


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