The Year of the Lady

one of my friends had a birthday dinner the other evening and one of her requirements was to ‘BRING IT’ which in lay man’s terms mean ‘Get and Be Glamourous/fabulous’! And for the first time in a while i was stuck with what to wear. I no longer have any overly glamourous/purely fun clothing reserved for going out. Most of my clothes serve a duel purpose church/work & casual/weekend. I could probably take some of my work/church outfits and update them but I also want to start shopping for fun/glamourous/”bring it” pieces to incorporate in my wardrobe as well.

so I have scoured online shopping sites and found some fun clothing items to purchase all items under $100 and in most cases under $50 that could be easily incorporated to spice up my wardrobe [fall/winter 2012 edition]:

  1. Asos Peplum frill Jumpsuit $87.95
  2. Asos shift dress with draped sleeves $70.36
  3. Asos Africa dress with peplum and floral print $87.95

  1. Zara Skinny Trousers with side zips $79.90
  2. Zara Faux Leather Jeggings $79.90

  1. Dorothy Perkins: Cream Paris Print Shirt $49.00
  2. Dorothy Perkins: Black studded peplum top $49.00
  3. Dorothy Perkins: Brown Leopard Waistcoat $29.00
  4. Dorothy Perkins: Blue Peplum Jersey Top $39.00

Have you found yourself in a similar predicament? How have you resolved it?

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