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The Bombshell Workout

this is what I’m naming my coming exercise and life motivation routine lol! I am one of those people who gets in a habit for about 6 months and then i get tired and quit. so i was very active for about 6months and i noticed a real change in my body but i also didn’t increase my calorie intake as my exercise increased and i toned up and dropped some lbs though i didn’t need or want to. I noticed a change in my body which was awesome but I felt like i got too skinny.  I’m grateful that I haven’t really dealt with weight issues ever mostly because of my metabolism and my eating habits but I do know that as I get older [shhh year 27 is around the corner] I need to incorporate more exercise into my life for the long haul. Here are my goals:

1. to still look like a woman. i like curves and booty and boobs. Don’t want those to go away but would love to tone them up [inspirations: Jessica Biel, Nia Long & Minka Kelly]

2. toned back ,arms and legs [can we say hello to Michelle Obama arms and Carrie Underwood legs.. bombshell results = YES]

3. Stamina/Energy and Strength | i want to run up stairs or go for a jog or a hike and not be out of breathe or get winded too quickly

So will you encourage me as I seek to pursue a BOMBSHELL lifestyle [exercise routine] and will share results as I go [i.e. cool recipes, gym & class reviews & fun outings]

photo and video credit: Nike ‘Make Yourself’ campaign


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Waiting but not in vain

I have always loved Rebecca St. James and her story has always inspired me and the fulfillment of that stance and even more powerful because it speaks of who God is. He is faithful to fulfill EVERY promise he makes.

{Tuesday Tunes}

I love Taylor Swift though i still have not purchased this latest or any album for that matter. I only buy the songs i love but this song ‘I knew you were trouble’ may have convinced me to get the entire album. Listen and Enjoy! Happy Crazy Tuesday!

Say Something….nice

Have you guys seen this? Its so cool! We should try it this weekend!

Note: Say Something Nice was produced by Improv Everywhere as a part of the Guggenheim Museum exhibition stillspotting nyc.

Happy Weekend beautiful people! 🙂