November 6

Today is November 6. Not a particularly special day. most regular in all respects but today in the united states of America, every 4 years on November 6, a president is elected. Voted into the highest seat in the land not by a secret selection or dynasty but by the people and hopefully for the people. It’s a unique and hard fought for privilege and process. But for some of us, its a day to sit on the side lines and watch. Why you ask, would I choose to sit on the side lines and watch a highly contentious election season come to an end without participating and voicing my opinion and exercising a right? well you see….I do not have that right, as I am not a US citizen. I was born in Liberia and though I have lived in the United States since I was 5 years old and consider myself more a citizen of this land than my mother land and actively participate in all the other ways but in one of the most meaningful ways…I am excluded. Most of the time, this day comes and goes without pomp or circumstance or even too much of a glance from me but this year for some reason its really emotional for me. I am 26 years old, I have gone to kindergarten, elementary, high school and college in the United States. I have campaigned for local government officials, I have registered people to vote. I have raised money, coached, taught underprivileged children and yet in the time I have been eligible to vote,9 years to be exact, I haven’t been able to.

I didn’t get to vote for my local senator or congressman or even get to say I voted for the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama. So for all those who have so much to say about the wrongs of either candidate or the ailments and seemingly broken national government system. Remember that you get to vote. You get a chance to exercise your voice and potentially change the leadership, policy and direction of your nation. Its a revolutionary act that a good majority of the world have never participated in and are dying to get the opportunity to do. So please VOTE and exercise a right that many of us wish we could hold so dear. Vote for what you believe in, vote for logic, vote for history, vote for emotion, vote conservative, vote liberal…it may take a couple of hours and may be late for work {we won’t discuss the hundreds of years it took for women and African American people to get that right} but…JUST VOTE.

Vote for those of us that have no vote, have no voice and have no choice. Vote for your sister, your daughter, your son, your mother, your father, your for me.

2 thoughts on “November 6

  1. Natasha R says:

    Nail on the head sister!! Awesome article and today, I voted for the next generation, my family and yes, for all of the other Miata’s hanging on the sideline with a secret wish in their heart. I have GOT to share this. POWERFUL article.

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