2012 Advent Calendar

I Love this idea from Layersofmeaning.com. Every year she creates an advent calendar to mark the 25 days of christmas and how they can celebrate the season with events and activities. I was just remarking to my sister the other day how for the last couple of christmas season’s I haven’t really taken the time to stop and really appreciate and embrace what this season really means outside of gifts and shopping and food. but what about the God that it celebrates and the redemption story set into motion by his birth. So here’s to planning some activities this year that mark the season with JOY and reverence.

December 1 Fairfax Festival of Lights for smores + hot cider + caroling
December 5 Outside Christmas lights + wreaths will go up
December 6
December 7 Hits Deep Tour – Toby Mac & Mandisa [concert fun]
December 8 Christmas Giving – Senior Home outreach event
December 9 Handel’s Messiah at the Washington National Cathedral
December 10 Baking Christmas cookies & Making homemade cocoa & drinking it by our fireplace
December 11 Celebrating the Holidays Pot-luck at work
December 14 Christmas Shopping excursion #1
December 15 Christmas Shopping excursion #2
December 16 Advent in Music Christmas Concert (&celebrating my birthday)
December 17 Last Christmas Shopping excursion
December 18 Finishing wrapping gifts
December 19 Candle Light Service
December 20
December 21
December 22 Grocery shopping for our Christmas Eve & Day dinner
December 23 Watching Christmas Movies – Elf
December 24 Christmas Eve Service
December 25 Christmas morning brunch with family

what are your plans for the 18 days left until christmas?

photo via layers of meaning blog

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