Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas 2012 gift guide

I absolutely love stocking stuffers. always have and I don’t really know why. it could be the sentimentality of the individual stockings with all of our names on them that I made a couple of years ago or the miniature gifts and getting to open those first. They never disappoint. its always something you need and can immediately use. Or at least thats how our stocking stuffers are in my home. So I thought you may be bombarded with a lot of gift guides but what about stocking stuffer guides for each person in your family all under $25. This is going to be fun because i will challenge myself to find some cool things and make sure they all come under $25 total. Are you with me?

Here are the categories:

The Girly Girl aka Hollywood – That sister/cousin/mother or friend or YOU who is just such a girlie girl and loves makeup and dressing up and sparkles from the inside

Bohemian Rhapsody – That sister/cousin or friend  or YOU who loves books and movies as equally as she loves music. She’s the epitome of a little bit rock n roll and a little bit country. She’s your knock out girl next door.

Black Summer’s Night – This is for the man in your life [husband, boyfriend, brother, father]. They are amazing, interesting, fun loving, smart, quirky, diyers. They love a good meal as much as they love football and basketball season. This is for the baller inside of them all.

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