i’m turning 27 years old on December 16. a lot of things that i thought would have happened by now or that i thought i would have accomplished by now. life looks differently than i thought it would. In reality, i’ve failed. But in truth, I’ve won. I didn’t gain the world and lose my soul. I didn’t chase my own glory forsaking YOURS. And i’m starting to see it as it should be. A God given moment. I have come a LONG way. wow. i am not the same woman i was at 21, hell 25. I am a lover and daughter of God, I am a worshipper, I am a friend, I am a servant and a leader. I’ve grown wiser and though I am not as naive as I once was, I thank God that i have not completely lost my sense of wonder and magic and awe. In fact, I think i lost it for a little bit but God met me in Houston, Texas and arrested me in Northern Virginia and Joy has found its way back to me. An abiding Joy and a deeper well of gratitude dug. that intangible is being revived and renewed.

These are some things I do know:

I am beautiful

I am redeemed


I am forgiven and I forgive

I am brilliant

I am gifted and talented

I am a part of a family

I will and am changing the world

I am a voice

I am an ambassador

I am an encourager and a light

I am a fighter

I am a peacemaker

I am all that He Says I am

photo via glitter guide tumblr

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2 thoughts on “27

  1. Crystal says:

    Miata! As you know, we share the same birthday. I’m 29 today. And your words came to my inbox in due time, as I was reflecting on the extent of how very blessed I am. All of the things that you listed “you are” I can nod in agreement. Thank your for writing today! May the The Lord Bless you to see many more birthdays!


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