Lessons Learned {2012 edition}


here is some of what i learned in 2012 [other thoughts found at thegenesisblog.com]

  • “what you don’t deal with in your 20s will haunt you in your 30s, 40s & 50s” – Jim laffoon
  • forgiveness has nothing to do with feeling it. it has to do with choosing it. every day until one day the emotion is not tied to the memory and its not an exercise of your will anymore. its an ingrained behavior
  • let GO
  • being a leader is hard. don’t let failure derail you. learn from it and get up and try again
  • don’t harp on what you did and didn’t do. learn what you can from it and leave it there. don’t bring the lament into the present or future with you. ONLY bring the lessons
  • “change isn’t always welcome, but it is inevitable. Learning to respond to change makes us more resilient.” – will laohoo
  • there is weight you were NEVER meant to carry. its critical that we learn quickly what is our responsibility and what is God’s. CRITICAL
  • boundaries
  • “don’t be so sensitive to people’s dysfunctions that you don’t tell them the truth.” – Jim Laffoon
  • SHINE bright like a diamond
  • TRULY being and believing you are LOVED shows up in everything you do and changes everything you do
  • sometimes the thing that holds you back more is your unbelief than anyone else’s
  • when reality is not what you imagined “it” to be, don’t quit
  • half the battle is showing up
  • be flexible
  • quiet time and sleep will save your life and everyone else around you. nobody enjoys a grump mcgrump
  • boundaries
  • don’t believe the hype – good or bad – live in reference to God
  • take every and any chance to slay that red headed monster named pride
  • my word for this year was abundance. that i wouldn’t live a small hearted life or existence. I was challenged by this in every way imaginable. but daring to live this way brought me the most amazing experiences
  • be anchored to something greater than yourself
  • when you face giants, within and without, it doesn’t mean you’re not afraid. it just means you believe in and are moved by a different account other than the broadcasts of fear.
  • when you believe it. they believe it. its starts with you
  • I am all he says I am. nothing more and nothing less. that’s profound.
  • be a good steward wherever you are. the season. the job. the circumstances. steward your resources, your heart and attitudes. because when it changes, you will be limited to and or grateful for the fruit produced from it.
  • if we focus on the dream we will never achieve it, but if we focus on God, He will make the dream happen. – Aaron Austin
  • God’s timing is PERFECT timing. and repeat.
  • learn what requires a response and what doesn’t
  • value people not things
  • be YOU. people appreciate originals not copies.
  • A body made up of many different parts. you may feel your part is insignificant but if you don’t play it, quit or if its not played well. it messes up the whole train. and when i say whole train. i mean the WHOLE ENTIRE TRAIN.
  • know when to stay in your lane and when to merge over
  • JUST SAY NO – you can’t do and be everything to everyone.
  • be slow to speak and quick to listen. be slow to resent and quick to repent and obey
  • say it all using wisdom of course. but let nothing be left unsaid that you may regret not saying later.
  • ASK, dream, hope, love
  • have you tried really talking to/engaging people? phenomenal tactic
  • there is difference between singing and ministering. one has a lot to do with you and the other has NOTHING to do with you.
  • stop striving and just be
  • take something and figure out how to communicate it through the context of you. that’s creativity.
  • the best gift you can receive is forgiveness and the best gift you can give yourself is healing. real true and deep healing.

photo: weheartit.com

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